Design and manufacture of composite parts

Due to the familiarity of the country’s industry with the benefits of composite materials, the use of these materials instead of metal materials is expanding. The main industries using these materials are aerospace, automotive and marine industries. Because the weight and strength of the structure and the strength of the material in special conditions are important for designers and manufacturers. The experts and engineers of BanuMusa Co. have high experience in designing, analyzing faults and damages and manufacturing composite parts and equipment. In this regard, many projects have been done by our partners. The company’s composite team is one of the leading researchers in this field.

Design and manufacture of composite parts01

composite; Design and construction in BanuMusa Co:

  • Design of various composite structures (composite pressure vessels, composite bodies)
  • Experience in manufacturing various parts and equipment
  • Use different methods to build
  • Damage and damage analysis of composite materials (laminate, woven, chopped, filament winding, etc.)
  • Simulation of different loads to evaluate the strength and life of the structure (strength, buckling, impact, fatigue, temperature and humidity, drilling)
  • Use of quality materials for construction
  • Simulation of the manufacturing process
  • Optimize the part and determine the best performance before construction
  • Production of computing software for specific products
  • Customization of parts
  • Perform mechanical tests
  • Increase the quality of products
  • Increase market competitiveness
  • Use up-to-date knowledge

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