Multi-physics modelingMulti-physics modeling01

Proper simulation of many products now requires the use of a multi-physics method. Our company has carried out several projects including solids, fluids, heat transfer, mass transfer, acoustics, and electromagnetism. In the list of services related to numerical simulation and analysis of this company, there is also multi-physics modeling. At this company, we mainly use COMSOL software for modeling multiphysics and various industries such as fluid flow, stress analysis, heat transfer, nonlinear materials, contact, evaporation and condensate, microwave heating, gas dynamics, and mixing.
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Application                           issue

Fluid flow                                  medical equipment

Structural Mechanics             Renewable Energy

Acoustics                                   Industrial systems and processes

Heat transfer                            consumer products

Nonlinear systems                  hydraulic and pneumatic systems

Multi-physics modeling02Various multi-physics problems such as structure-fluid interaction, electromagnetic heating, structural-heat coupling, simultaneous heat transfer, and structural-acoustic vibrations can be investigated. With this method, it is possible to optimize products, changes in conceptual design, and in some cases to achieve new and efficient methods in products. In all simulations, including multi-physics simulations, various validations must be performed to confirm the accuracy and precision of the results.