railway simulation: At present, the railway industry is the safest way for passenger and cargo transportation in the world. Accidents in the industry can be very catastrophic, especially in the event of a fire. Simulating and optimizing train air conditioning can prevent the deaths from smoke and heat generated by fires.

Rail accidents can be caused by things such as faults in the rails or train wheels (for example, the creation and expansion of cracks and corrosion of parts). By identifying areas that are prone to failure and predicting the damage that has occurred and improving them, many events can be prevented. Today, numerical analysis is an integral part of the production cycle.

By calculating the forces,

railway simulation calculating

railway simulation calculating

impacts and vibrations on the wheels of the train, as well as by examining the extent to which these forces are transmitted to the passengers, the traveling conditions and comfort of the passengers can be improved.

applications railway simulation :

  • Rail Bed Analysis
  • Wheel and rail stress analysis
  • Investigation of rail fatigue at junction
  • Frictional analysis of rails and wheels by friction
  • Simulation of ventilation of train cabins
    railway simulation

    railway simulation

  • Investigation of vibrations of rails and wheels
  • Calculates the amount of vibration per passenger
  • Simulation of train collision with obstacle and exit from the rails
  • Optimize connections and components
  • And …