Brick factory optimization:Brick factory optimization

In our country, there are many furnaces, most of which work with the old system, which leads to high energy consumption. At the same time, by consuming low costs, they can easily reduce their energy consumption by up to 40%. There are about 7,000 active factories in the brick industry in Iran, with a nominal annual production of more than 50 million tons and about 4 billion liters of furnace oil equivalent energy consumption. The products of most of these factories, including traditional bricks, machine bricks, and blocks, are all produced with old technology, which in addition to very high energy in production (more than twice the energy of brick production with new technology), has many advantages in using new bricks. They are useless.

The 45% share of energy costs in brick production from the perspective of the national economy, indicates the very high intensity of energy consumption in this industry and the need to pay attention to it. The entire industrial sector accounts for about 21% in terms of quantity and about 15% of the total final energy consumption of the country in terms of value. The total energy consumption of the industrial sector per year is approximately equal to 7.219 million barrels of crude oil equivalent, which is also worth more than $ 3.7 billion. Non-metallic mineral industries with consumption of about 36% of the total consumption of petroleum products and gas consumed by the country’s industries, and among them the brick, tile, ceramic, and porcelain industry with about 15% of this consumption, of particular importance among It, has other industries.

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Combustion system design:

  • The combustion system used in Hoffman furnaces of brick factories is very low efficiency. Molecular fluid dynamics simulation improves the performance of the combustion system by modifying the Hoffmann furnace burner, including converging the burner head, placing a spring in the tube to create rotational flow, shortening the length of the burner fuel nozzle for better fuel-air mixing, and more…
  • Provide a solution for the optimal arrangement of blocks and bricks
  • Proper insulation of furnaces

After optimizing the furnace, we can expect that:Brick factory

  • Reduce fuel consumption by one third
  • Torch combustion efficiency is reduced by up to 50%
  • The amount of carbon monoxide (CO) reaches 2% of the initial amount
  • Reduce the amount of nitrogen monoxide (NO) by up to 60%
  • As a result, the costs associated with the furnace as well as the production of harmful gases will be reduced

High-temperature resistance furnace design:

Construction of high-temperature resistance furnaces, with a temperature of 2000 to 3000 degrees, which is used for melting special parts.



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