Failure analysis of materials and constructionsFailure analysis of material

When a structure and equipment breaks down, engineers look for the cause to prevent it from happening again in the future. This is the main task of failure analysis. Various methods such as visual inspection, metallography, chemical, and environmental analysis, and virtual simulation tests are used to determine failure. There are several reasons for fault analysis:

  • Determine a way to repair broken products
  • Improving the production process and production profitability
  • Avoid life-threatening hazards for the operator and other related persons
  • Reduce financial costs associated with breakdowns and return of goods
  • Design based on the standard to better export and sell the product
  • The legal duty of the manufacturer to eliminate defects and breakdowns of products

Causes of equipment failurematerials and constructions

  • Improper product design
  • Production methods
  • Impurities in the materials used to make the product
  • packing
  • Product storage and warehousing

In this company, various methods are used to determine the causes of failure of materials and structures. We are active in various fields of engineering such as mechanics, materials engineering (metals, ceramics, metallurgy, polymers, composites, etc.), manufacturing engineering, solids and fluids, heat transfer, multiphysics, and other specialties required for analysis of Malfunction of materials and structures.
Industries related to this service:

  • Medical Equipment
  • Industrial equipment
  • Transportation (rail, truck, passenger cars, aircraft and ships, and other offshore structures)
  • Various products related to the packaging industry, home appliances, and…
  • Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) and sensors and other electronic equipment

Metal failure analysis

The breakdown of metal materials has a great impact on the production cycle of various products. Corrosion and impurities of materials cause rapid deterioration of medical and industrial equipment. According to an international organization, corrosion of metals causes about $ 300 billion in damage to industry each year. In Benomusi, fatigue, impact, and corrosion tests are performed.

Failure analysis of composites/plastics

Plastic materials are damaged in various ways. Plastic products may deteriorate due to fatigue, reduced material properties, stress failure, and impurities. Excessive discoloration and deformation of plastics is another cause of the failure of plastic products.