Purchasing EngineeringPurchasing Engineering

In engineering projects, some documents are prepared for the purchase of goods. The complexity, variety, and scope of the goods contained in these documents, in addition to imposing a heavy workload on the project, is at high risk of entering incorrect information, duplicate or incomplete purchase requests, purchase errors due to code similarity, and so on. The purpose of purchasing engineering in an EPC project is to supply goods with specifications designed by the organization’s engineering unit through reputable and capable manufacturers. In this regard, it is necessary for the company in charge of purchasing engineering to have systematic thinking, along with quantitative and qualitative analyzes of the document based on the criteria considered by the engineering technical unit.

In fact, purchasing engineering is a technical-commercial skill, because, in addition to business skills, the supplier must be fully acquainted with technical information and the basics of equipment design. In this regard, companies must have up-to-date, accurate, and coherent databases of the prices of manufacturers’ items and equipment and calculate the cost of the product, and provide the conditions for professional negotiations with manufacturers or suppliers.

Reasons for purchasing engineering in the implementation of projects:

  • Purchasing engineering can effectively assist the marketing team of the organization in preparing the price of the goods section in the stage of participating in the tender of each project with full knowledge of the current price of items and equipment and performing effective technical transparency in the price. Experience has shown that due to the limitation of technical information in the bidding stage, there is a possibility of error in the price calculations of the goods sector, so estimating the correct prices of goods and services in this stage has an important role.
  • With the help of purchasing engineering, it is possible to help the engineering team to optimize the design based on the financial or time constraints of each project by recognizing the technical ability of the builders in the design stage.
  • With purchasing engineering, due to the creation of a bridge with the manufacturers, it is possible to play an active role in preparing a sourcing strategy.
  • In the current situation in the country, where prices are very variable, not using this method increases the risk of participating in tenders.
  • With the help of purchasing engineering, and ensuring the analysis of equipment or services based on the specifications in the contract, it is possible to build domestically and localize foreign orders, facilitate technology transfer, and the growth of the domestic industry.
  • By recognizing the sensitivities of the equipment installation process and combining these points with business techniques, manufacturing inconsistencies and operational risks are minimized.
  • Technical changes during the project implementation will be updated moment by moment by the purchasing engineering team and changes in costs will be notified to the management and the engineering unit.


Our company is ready to provide project-related engineering services.

Our services in the field of purchasing engineering :

  • Preparation of Consumer Goods Estimation (MTO: Material Take-Off)
  • Procurement Preparation Production (MR: Material Requisition)
  • Control the integrity of changes in engineering documents and purchase requests
  • Purchase purchase control
  • Manage required surplus purchases (Surplus)
  • Purchase Request Package (MR Package)
  • Preparation of documents
  • Auto-determine responsible
  • Determining the time defined according to the contractual agreements
  • Preparation of technical specifications of equipment in accordance with the design and standard working conditions
  • Prepare a list of required standards and approvals
  • Preparation of tender documents for the purchase of equipment and units
  • Preparation of evaluation tables of manufacturers and sellers
  • Prepare a list of reputable manufacturers and sellers
  • Prepare a list of documents requested from manufacturers and sellers
  • Preparation of warranty tables
  • Prepare a list of standard tests for equipment delivery and test monitoring

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