Numerical Simulation and Analysis:

Our company specializes in numerical modeling and mechanical and industrial problem analysis. Our services in this area include finite element modeling, polymer materials, multiphysics modeling, computational fluid dynamics (CFD), and industrial systems and equipment modeling. Modeling is always accompanied by validation. Specifically, our company specializes in nonlinear and coupling simulation. Our customers are more likely to use the software Abacus, COMSOL, and ANSYS. Employees at the company have undertaken numerous industrial and research projects with this software. In addition to this software, MATLAB software for coding and Simulink software for control, data analysis, and visualization have been used. LS-DYNA software has also been used to analyze the dynamic issues of impact and explosion in several projects.

Numerical Simulation:

In the past, engineers had to spend a great deal of time and effort on designing and testing new devices to test their performance. Today, before any equipment is manufactured, its performance is first fully simulated and any change in device performance can be monitored and anticipated. In fact, with the simulation of equipment, designers and engineers will have a powerful, fast-paced tool to evaluate performance without having to incur the financial and time costs involved in building it. Engineers with extensive experience in simulating parts and equipment, utilizing high-performance computers, and mastering specialized simulation software, can simulate and analyze all mechanical equipment. Simulation using conventional numerical methods (FEM, CFD, FDM, and FVM) is the daily activity of our company engineers.

Numerical Simulation and Analysis:

Analysis and simulation in our company:

  • Numerical simulation and aerodynamic analysis
  • Numerical simulation and hydraulic analysis
  • Numerical simulation and vibrational analysis
  • Numerical simulation and stress analysis
  • Numerical simulation and hydrodynamic and hydrostatic analysis of offshore structures (submarines, boats, boats, ships, platforms, bridges, docks etc.)
  • Numerical simulation and analysis of damage, breakdown, and failure in materials (metal, composite, foam, wood, rubber, concrete, etc.)
  • Numerical simulation and thermal analysis
  • Fatigue and creep analysis
  • Analysis of Structure-Fluid Interaction (FSI) of Rotating Parts
  • Modal analysis and vibration
  • Impact and explosion analysis
  • Simulation and analysis of material flow during molding

Advantages of numerical simulation:

  • Investigation of defective piece behavior in equipping
  • Investigating the Equipping Behavior of Working Fluid Change
  • Estimation of component life
  • Preparation of training simulators
  • Predicting structural weaknesses
  • Improve pre-construction plan
  • Possibility to review ideas and innovations in design and performance evaluation of equipment
  • Reduce product cost
  • Reduce costs associated with mechanical testing
  • Increase segment life
  • Possibility to reduce structural weight if needed
  • Determine the best material to build
  • Investigation of equipping behavior by applying geometric changes (parametric optimization)
  • Reverse engineering of sophisticated and expensive equipment
  • Designing a new equipment
  • Redesigning an equipment
  • Investigation of equipping behavior in hazardous conditions such as cavitation, surge, corrosion, high heat, and pressure, high stress
  • Calculate performance parameters such as efficiency, power consumption, etc.
  • Preparing the device characteristic curve in different conditions
  • Determination of critical rotational speeds
Benefits of Analysis and Simulation by our Company:
  • High experience in simulation and numerical analysis
  • The engineering and consulting team includes professors and graduates from the best universities in the country and the world
  • High speed in service delivery
  • Free consultation to improve the design
  • Preparation of economic justification plan
  • Valid and validated results
  • Ability to analyze data and provide solutions