Tire making:Tire making

Tire manufacturers should be careful when designing the minimum vehicle fuel consumption while maintaining tire safety. Component software accelerates design time, explores ideas, and resolving challenges are the suitable tools in the tire industry.

BSB company is ready to provide tire factories with the knowledge of hyperlastic materials.


  • Integrated design and simulation
  • Hydroplaning
  • Determination of tire-induced aerodynamic drag
  • Tire Noise Forecast
  • Forecast of heat production and temperature of rubber
  • Modeling soil and tire interactions

The interaction between soil and tire has a direct impact on tire performance. Heavy industrial equipment, agricultural machinery

and other road vehicles need to be modeled on tire design. A suitable method for modeling is the Coupling Eulerian Lagrangian (CEL).

  • Material Modeling and Soil Calibration (Modified Drucker-Prager Material Model and CAP)
  • Modeling the interaction between tire and gravel