Preparation of technical specifications booklet for parts

Preparation of technical specifications for parts

technical specifications preparation: Large industries have many equipments that may have many consumable parts in each. Some of these parts are available in the market but others are supplied through the manufacturing process. With the technical specifications of the piece, it is no longer necessary to have a piece, as all the information needed to make and apply it is explained in the piece. The technical part of a piece is defined as a reference document for each piece of construction.

Technical specifications include the following details that the level and extent of handling of each subject can be changed at the request of the employer:

  • List of parts including name, weight, number, position, map number, piece type (production or standard), and document number
  • Specifications of raw materials including sample chemicals, mechanical properties, and other steel key extraction information
  • Required Machines Includes: All Machines needed to produce the piece/set
  • Manufacturing process including Manufacturing or assembly/assembly methods
  • Inspection and control including method and standard of control
  • Packaging Label Includes: All information needed to attach to the packaging to identify the piece/set
  • Standards and catalogs include: All standards and catalogs needed to build or assemble a piece/set
  • construction plan

technical specifications preparation

This booklet is prepared by our company for various industries, for which you should be in direct contact with the company’s management.

This work is done completely by our company and technical knowledge is provided to the customer.
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