Heat/mass transfer

heat mass transter for abaqus

Heat/mass transfer: Consulting services in the field of thermal modeling of fluid and solid systems, as well as services related to heat and mass transfer (movement of particles or chemicals). Simulations and analyzes performed in this field help to better understand the performance and improve the design, which sometimes leads to the production of a new product.

In the thermal analysis, two methods of finite element (FEA) and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) are used to analyze and observe temperature profiles in metal and polymer products as well as fluid systems. Heat transfer problems including convection, contact and radiation, cavity radiation (internal), phase change (phase transformation), forced and natural convection, and coupling heat transfer can be simulated.

Transdermal Drug Delivery and penetration of polymer systems are among the services in the field of mass transfer. Mass transfer is also simulated and analyzed by shifting the Péclet numbers.

heat mass transfer in ABAQUS

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