Reverse EngineeringReverse Engineering

By examining the industries of many developing countries, one can see the traces of reverse engineering in many of those industries. In fact, reverse engineering is a way to reach the latest technology and products in the world.

Using reverse engineering methods, information, and technical knowledge of existing products are retrieved and then using direct engineering methods and parts manufacturing methods to produce products.

Performance :

After designing the components of a system in design software such as SolidWorks and Katia, all components must be analyzed by motion and force analysis software such as Abaqus and Ansys.

Abaqus and Ansys

In addition to manufacturing components, reverse engineering to improve performance and fix defects and design has helped many companies have used these methods.

For reverse engineering, engineers must be proficient in standards, mechanisms, how systems work, the degree of importance of parts, materials science, production processes, and other related issues.

Our company’s engineers, with years of experience working with engineering software and parts manufacturing, have the necessary capabilities to perform reverse engineering.

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