Due to the current need for students to guide, advise and solve software problems to conduct academic research and prevent the outsourcing of dissertations, course projects, and the like, as well as encouraging students to do projects and learn engineering software. For some time now, the company has launched a system similar to the technical support system of 3DS Company (a manufacturer of software such as Abacus) in Iran.

Note 1: This company has no affiliation with 3DS and such an opportunity has been provided informally only because of their lack of support in Iran.

What is technical support and what does it do?Support

Although to a large extent, the duty of the advisors and mentors is to solve these problems and help the students. For a while, they became cold-hearted and refused to pay the cost and handed over the project in full to the students of higher education. By doing so, students have distanced themselves from the goal of the project, which is to learn engineering software, and practically do not benefit from studying at university. We hope that by doing so, we can avoid the problem of assigning student dissertations.

How to use your services?

By referring to the site address and selecting your order from the form on this page entitled “Software Troubleshooting”, you will be in contact with the technical support of the software and will benefit from their advice in solving modeling and numerical simulation problems.

What software do you provide technical support for?

Currently, Abaqus, LS Dyna, and Moldflow engineering software are supported. If welcomed in the next step, other engineering software will be added according to the amount of demand.

How much does a technical support service cost?

After registering the order and sending the software files and documents related to the issue, the delivery information will be the relevant technical support. The technical support informs the customer of the cost of troubleshooting after reviewing and evaluating the information.

Note 2: Students will benefit from a special student discount by sending a valid student card.

Note 3: Start-up, innovative, and startup companies based on growth and technology centers will benefit from a special discount.

What services are provided to us?

After the technical support has fixed the bugs in your software model, a video of the set of actions performed by the backup will be prepared and sent to the customer for better training and learning how to model. He will also receive the modified software files.

Online Support: Those who wish to learn the problem online can contact technical support via Skype.

In-person support: Those who wish to receive in-person training can make an appointment during office hours with technical support at the company’s office in Mashhad.

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