The redesign means re-starting the design process and making changes to improve one or more design goals. In this process, the designer begins to redesign and optimize the product to improve the quality of the product and equipment. Discovering defects in the product, applying ideas to improve and market needs are important reasons for redesigning the product and equipment. The engineers of BanuMusa Co. are ready to upgrade and improve various mechanical equipment with the support of analyzes and using multi-objective optimizations.


Uses :

  • Industrial companies and factories in many factories, there is equipment that can be redesigned to reduce costs, reduce downtime, and better improve the quality of the final product. Managers are always thinking about redesigning and upgrading old or high-end equipment to help increase their productivity and reduce costs.
  • Manufacturers of equipment and products
    Today, with the invention of new methods as well as the design and use of advanced materials, we see products with higher quality, efficiency, and longevity. For this reason, equipment manufacturers attach great importance to this field and try to use the latest design methods to increase the competitive advantages of their product and reduce its drawbacks and problems to provide better services and products to the market.

Benefits of redesign:

  • Reduce spare parts supply costs
  • Increase efficiency and reduce energy costs
  • Reduce downtime and increase product quality
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Increase equipment life
  • Reuse of inactive equipment
  • Increase product scope
  • Increase product production speed
  • Reduce production costs

Redesign applications:

  • High consumption of consumable parts
  • Very high energy consumption and low efficiency
  • Many stops due to low device life
  • Supply of missing parts that cannot be reverse-engineered
  • Increase the operating range of the equipment
  • Strengthen the product and promote it and create a competitive advantage
  • Use of new materials to increase efficiency and reduce product prices

Redesign in our company:

  • Final quality assurance by determining performance tests
  • Preparation of economic justification plan
  • Use a range of related standards
  • Understand the design philosophy and create a suitable knowledge base
  • Complete mastery of design standards and constraints
  • Use efficient and up-to-date design methods
  • Use multi-objective optimizer functions
  • Fluent in the latest hydraulic, hydrodynamic and aerodynamic analysis tools
  • Fluent in the latest tools for stress, breakdown, and vibration analysis
  • Sex selection based on the constraints governing the issue
  • High mastery in manufacturing processes