Structural and earthquake engineering:Structural and earthquake engineering

Structural and earthquake design are important and basic in designing a variety of buildings. Structural analysis needs to ensure the safety of buildings and infrastructure. For example, static analysis can determine the bond strength of a reinforced concrete structure or the displacement of a steel frame. Dynamic and modal analysis is commonly used for seismic analysis of structures to predict the structural response to wind force or vibration due to load-displacement. In most cases, nonlinear behavior is required for the material or geometry, which can be due to large displacements or damage to the concrete.

Specific loading conditions must be taken into account in structural design; loads such as blasting force, progressive failure for tall buildings, impact loading, and impact on sensitive areas of the structure, and the like. Engineering software such as ABAQUS, ANSYS, and LS-DYNA has powerful solvers and a library of good materials to simulate different types of loading for a variety of structures. The geotechnical analysis is essential to predict soil capacity, consolidation, and interaction of structures and soils in the design of structures.


  • Main material models – Concrete Damaged Plasticity / CDP
  • RC Modeling Techniques
  • Modeling of pre-tensioned and post-tensioned tendons
  • Investigating the effect of Staged Construction / for example residual stresses on large concrete structures such as dams is very important.
  • Using the birth and death technique of the element to simulate the effect of stage construction
  • Modeling the interaction of structures and ground or foundations
  • Progressive failure modeling of steel structures
  • TBM Tunnel Simulation
  • Simulation of the effects of pressure and wind flow on the building using CFD method
  • Structure-Water-Soil Interaction Analysis
  • Earthquake analysis
  • Design of concrete structures, air and ground tanks, candles, retaining walls, foundations and more. . .
  • Design of steel structures for welding, paging, and bead and prefabricated
  • Design of industrial structures, niches, retainers
  • Design of new building systems including LSF, CFS, Cubiax, Ubot, Sophisticated Slabs and more. . .
  • Design of special structures including industrial towers, retaining stands, boards, power transmission towers, overhead and gate cranes, etc.