Software and plugins

With the advancement of technology and the expansion of computer systems, the production of various software and plug-ins has grown significantly. The engineering world is no exception to this rule, and with the spread of computers, the use of different software to do different things has increased day by day.



Abaqus plugin to produce new materialAbaqus plugin to produce new material


Software such as MATLAB, Abacus, SolidWorks, etc. are among the most important engineering software that allows the user to write various subroutines, plugins, and GUIs to make the work easier for the user.

Because building large software is costly and time-consuming, many companies prefer to do their work in the traditional, step-by-step manner, unaware that any company can run at a very low cost. Performing various designs and analyzes of software, plug-ins, or GUIs with their own unique purpose, in addition to increasing speed, to do their job more accurately.


The company’s engineers have the ability to produce software, plug-ins, and GUIs to pave the way for engineering companies.