Product development

Our company can provide consulting services in the field of concept design, selection of materials, design methods, production process, and engineering reliability at any stage of product production. Our method is based on academic studies and research with a view of the industrial application of the product, in which the proportion of creativity, innovation, and economic-financial efficiency is considered.

our services :Product development

  • CAD software modeling for initial design observation, design scenario design, and preparation of construction drawings
  • Virtual prototyping to perform conventional product tests before performing time-consuming and costly experimental tests
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA) of assembled products and their materials to start design optimization in terms of performance and cost during product development
  • Provide virtual-real images of the product for use in product packaging and advertising posters
  • In-process consultations, FMEA, reliability and product failure mechanisms
  • The company is ready to accept responsibility for the production of zero to one hundred products (product development) and cooperation with the group of engineers and designers of companies and factories

Benefits of working with us:

  • Better performance
  • Reduce design costs
  • Faster research, design, analysis, and prototyping
  • High flexibility
  • Teamwork includes a group of industry consultants, university professors, and engineering design specialists
  • High experience in designing and analyzing diverse products
  • High engineering vision resulting from the implementation of various projects
  • A group of engineers specializing in solids, fluids, metallurgy, marine, aerospace, civil, and control industries

The company has experience in working with various companies in the automotive, marine, medical equipment, oil, gas, and petrochemical industries, textiles, agriculture, mining, metallurgy, inspection, power plants, parts and machinery, packaging, single industries, home appliances, Has railways and railways, sports and tire manufacturing. Contact us for more information, portfolio, and free consultation.