Modification of geometry and network productionModification of geometry and network production

Many times our customers have modeled a geometry that cannot be used in engineering software for simulation and analysis. That is, due to problems they had during 2D and 3D modeling, or when transferring from one software to another due to the lack of support for some software from the extensions of some CAD files, geometry, and model There are problems. In such cases, it is not possible to produce a regular and healthy network or mesh for the model. We have been facing such issues in this company for several years. Usually, we solve these problems by using the source CAD software in which the modeling is done.

Sometimes this alone is not enough and we have to use other specialized mesh or networking software such as HyperMesh. Finite element software also has good tools for quick problem solving, such as Geometry Edit and Virtual Topology. abaqus virtual topology

CAD software geometrySometimes, due to the version difference between the software, the model entered with (Orphan Mesh) is entered into the software and the model geometry is not available. This issue is often seen in Abaqus software. In this case, the user needs to change the geometry and grid, but this is not possible. There are several solutions to this problem. We are ready to solve the problems related to the production of our dear customers’ network as soon as possible.
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