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Ansys or Abaqus; A Personal Experience

Ansys or Abaqus

Ansys or Abaqus; A personal experience

About 15 years ago, I entered the amazing world of numerical simulation with ANSYS. A shipbuilding engineering student who had to perform stress and buckling analysis of sandwich structures called SPS.

For a few months, I was struggling with ANSYS APDL and the tedious modeling process, the undoable mistakes, and the boring user interface. No matter how hard I tried, that project was finished and my tendency was towards Abaqus. The difference between them is from earth to heaven.

Abaqus is fascinating, exciting, enigmatic, and everything an engineer wants for simulation. There is an active community of users who are constantly exchanging their knowledge.

A few years later, Ansys 14 came out and I installed it for one of my friends. When I encountered it, it was software beyond Abaqus. Almost all of its shortcomings were fixed. There was a leap in the user interface and the variety of solvers and facilities…

Ansys or Abaqus

Abaqus still meets my needs. With writing subroutines and Python scripting, there is almost no dead end. I am working with it almost every day, same with Ansys. But I have to be honest that Abaqus does not match Ansys in terms of facilities, solvers, material models, solver coupling, etc.
I will not exaggerate; I will summarize. If you have time, want to code, and do academic work, Abaqus is better. However, if you want to do industrial work, I suggest Ansys. This is due to the variety of facilities and the lack of need to install other programs or do coding, etc.

Finally, I am still a fan of Abaqus. Both Ansys and Abaqus are excellent software, and the choice depends on the type of problem you have. Anyway, I’m excited about the Ansys improvements. It is worthy of praise and thanks.

Thank you both, Abaqus and Ansys ❤️

 In the end, I invite all of you, friends, experts, and developers, to share your personal experiences. Perhaps someone like me 15 years ago needs to hear from professionals.

This was first a LinkedIn post. 


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Experienced FEA analyst with a demonstrated history of working in the mechanical engineering industry. Skilled in FMEA, Pressure Vessels, ABAQUS, LS-DYNA, Engineering, and Fluid-Structure Interaction.

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