Abaqus FEA/CFD Consultancy

Structural & CFD Analysis, Material Modelling, and Development OF Methods

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For Abaqus software, we provide technical support services to students and industrial users so that if the user encounters a problem while modeling, in the shortest possible time, expert consultants help users solve the problems. many users encounter various problems in modeling and analyzing results when working with the Abaqus software. Our experts come to your aid here and provide expert advice to fix the problems in the shortest possible time.

How to request and register an order?

Students, active users in the industry, and other interested ones can use our consultants in that field, by only send us an e-mail; info[at]banumusagr.com

Structural Analysis

We perform various simulations for a variety of nonlinear and linear analyzes using Abaqus, LS-Dyna, and Ansys software. Some of them are as follows;

  • Composite material Failure,
  • Frequencies and Linear Dynamics,
  • Seismic Analysis,
  • Buckling and Post Buckling,
  • Impact and Crash,
  • Explosion Blast,
  • Fluid-Structure Interaction,
  • Soil-Structure Interaction,
  • Multiphysics,
  • Coupled Thermal Structural,
  • Fatigue and Creep,
  • Hyperelastic & Rubbers,
  • Level III Fitness For Service (FFS) assessment,
  • Fracture, Crack Propagation, and many other behaviors.
BanuMusa Structural Analysis Consulting Services

CFD Analysis

For CFD analysis, we help you solve Computation Fluid Dynamics (CFD) challenges and complete the technical and engineering documentation with the best simulation technologies available. Our consultants use SIMULIA Abaqus CFD technology, XFlow CFD, Fluent and CFX from Ansys, and STAR CCM+ from CD Adapco.

  • Rotating flows for Turbines and Pumps,
  • Pressure Difference on valves,
  • Natural convection in thermal behaviors, etc.
  • CFD Fluid-Structure Interaction.
BanuMusa CFD Consulting Services

Material Modelling

The material library of Abaqus, Ansys, and LS-Dyna software is full of different material models in almost all types. If there is not desired material model in the material library, we develop a new model using user subroutines to use in simulation.
  • Human tissue,
  • Damage criteria,
  • Composite materials, like randomly-oriented, laminated, woven, etc.
  • Subroutines, UMAT, VUMAT, UEL, VUEL, etc.
  • Additive manufacturing,
  • Material calibration,
  • Material data verification.
Material modeling consulting services

Methods Development

The development and creating of analysis models are done by performing real simulations in different ways.

  • Development of ABAQUS plug-ins,
  • Abaqus model setup,
  • Abaqus user subroutines,
  • Abaqus verification & validation.

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