Fatigue, Impact, & contact stress in rail joint region

stress in rail joint region: The growth of fatigue and surface cracks due to impact stresses and frequent contact in the rail joint region has been the cause of many rail damages and losses in recent years. In addition, the noise and vibrations on the wagon due to the impact from the wheel in the region of ​​the rail joint led to the discomfort of passengers.

stress in rail joint region

On 25 January 2018, the Pioltello train derailment was due to a broken rail joint region. 3 women have been killed.

One of the types of connecting of two rails (especially in the design of an interlocking system) with a certain length is the use of connecting rods. The joint method is such that two rails and two seals are connected with 4 or 6 bolts.

gap rail banumusa abaqus stress analysis

Investigation of the effect of rail gap angle on the distribution of contact and impact stresses

In this project, to reduce the growth of fatigue and surface cracks in the joint rail region and passenger comfort, the parameters of axial force, speed, distance, and joint angle were examined. These parameters have been done according to the rail profile used in the Iranian industry UIC60 and S1002 and the seal of the UIC 864-8 standard fish plate.

rail abaqus fatigue impact gap joint banumusa

Simulation of wheel movement on rails and investigation of impact and surface stresses in the region of rail joints.

The results show that the angle of the rail gap has a significant effect on the impact stresses and the ISF parameter. Need advice? contact us.

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