Wastewater Treatment System
(Feasibility, Engineering Design, Construction Drawings, MTO list) in New Zealand

Chemical fertilizer plants are not allowed to release wastewaters into nature due to the production of high nitrate and phosphate effluents and must be treated before being released or used as agricultural water.

In this case study, the design, simulation, analysis, construction plan, and MTO list of wastewater treatment plant of a chemical fertilizer factory located in New Zealand were performed.

The wastewater treatment plant is designed specifically for the chemical fertilizer plant with a high ratio of nitrogen and phosphate but can treat any type of industrial effluent or domestic wastewater for horticulture and agriculture by performing specific and precise steps.


Wastewater Treatment System

Wastewater Treatment System

Technical specifications ( Wastewater Treatment System )

  • Wastewater treatment of at least 4 cubic meters and a maximum of 50 cubic meters per day
  • Wastewater treatment using the developed SBR method
  • Ability to treat effluent with TKN above 300 mg / l
  • Excellent performance for treating effluents with very high nitrogen. Like the effluent of chemical fertilizer plants.

Wastewater Treatment System industrial Sewerage system

waste water treatment methods & project

Product application

  • Treatment of domestic and small industrial wastewaters in a way that is suitable for agricultural and horticultural uses and prevents the entry of harmful substances into nature.
  • Suitable for places that face water problems for irrigation purposes. For example, the cost of water will increase or the drilling of water wells will not be allowed.
  • Suitable for places where there is no sewage collection system or groundwater is so high that it is not possible to dig sewage well.
  • Suitable for places that use a septic tank and face serious problems in draining and transporting sewage.
SBR treatment cycle

SBR treatment cycle

Project stages

  • Initial researches
  • Simulation and basic calculations using software
  • Basic design (Autocad)
  • 3D engineering design (Solidworks)
  • Prepare MTO file shopping list
  • Construction plans


simulation sbr waste water plant fertilizer factory 1

Simulation process