High speed impact simulation on composite structures


High speed impact composite: Determining the impact resistance of composite structures is very important in the automotive, marine, and aerospace industries. In this project, the simulation of high-speed impact, impact resistance, and ballistic limit of a composite structure with a specific layout and material were investigated and evaluated.


High speed impact composite 2

High-speed impact simulation on composite structures


High-velocity impact simulation is important when the structure is hit by a bullet or high-speed object. In these cases, the ballistic limit of the material and structure is important. Famous examples are bulletproof vests that must withstand bullets up to 800 meters per second. In this research, high-speed impact simulation was performed on a composite structure by finite element method (FEM) using Abacus and LS Dyna software.

High speed impact composite

High-speed impact simulation on composite structures

The purpose of high-speed impact simulation

  • Determination of residual strength of composite structures
  • Determining the optimal layout for laminate
  • Determining the appropriate material and specifications for impact resistance and non-penetration of the projectile
  • Determining the area and modes of failure with the help of Hashin, Pak (Puck), Lark 05 (LaRC05), etc.
  • Determining the ballistic limit of a composite structure
  • Failure prediction and progressive damage growth simulation
  • Investigation of the effect of projective geometry on penetration and its failure rate in the structure
    high-speed impact simulation

    high-speed impact simulation

High-speed impact simulation Achievements

  • Fortran UMAT subroutine can be used in Abaqus finite element software
  • Can be used for multilayer and hybrid composites of any materials
  • Usability for low and high speeds and includes strain rate effects
  • Industrial and research application
  • Complies with the proposed failure criteria
  • Optimal code has high computational speed and accuracy
  • Application in LS-Dyna and Abaqus software
  • Includes Delamination mode

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