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Start learning to write Fortran for Abaqus subroutine

Fortran for Abaqus Subroutine - writing user subroutines udhard umat film uload

My story about Fortran for Abaqus subroutine

About 10 years ago, when I had to start learning to write the Abaqus subroutine for my MS project, there were very few and limited resources for training for Abaqus subroutine.

In those years, writing subroutines was not as common as it is now. The number of those who wrote before was not available and they hardly answered.

Therefore, I had no choice but to learn by myself. It was that the work was very difficult and time-consuming. But the joy I had in getting the first correct results is indescribable. It was one of my best moments as a student.

Writing Fortran for Abaqus subroutine involves creating a user-defined subroutine in Fortran code, compiling it, and linking it with Abaqus. The subroutine can then be called within an Abaqus analysis to perform custom calculations or operations.

Now, if you are on this journey, I intend to teach in this course my experiences in writing Abaqus subroutines, which is the key to getting to know and master the Fortran for Abaqus.

The content of the course is almost ready and will be posted on the website soon. BanuMusa R&D has given a 20% discount for the first 20 people who pre-purchase this course. 

Fortran for Abaqus Subroutine

$ 255.00

If you are familiar with user subroutines in Abaqus, you must know that Fortran, C, and C# are languages that can be used to write subroutines in Abaqus. What is common among Abaqus users now is using Fortran in writing user subroutines. In the “Fortran for Abaqus Subroutine” training package, zero-to-one writing user subroutine tips…


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