Concrete building fire analysis software ABAQUS

Hello dear friend. To save you time, the whole project is placed. For more detailed information, you can contact us. The main topic of this paper is fire analysis in Abaqus software, which is one of the most accurate structural computing software.

Fire analysis of concrete buildings

Fire analysis in ABAQUS | Failure behavior and heat transfer materials

To analyze the fire of concrete and steel buildings, simulations were performed with ABAQUS software by Finite Element Method.

The effect of fire on the strength of concrete and steel structures (concrete structure and damaged steel structure), which is considered a concrete slab, has been investigated .

Demolition of steel and concrete buildings after exposure to fire is one of the challenges in the field of civil engineering.



Fire analysis of concrete and steel buildings (structures) :

Challenges in Abaqus software to simulate this kind of problem(issues):

Analysis of the effect of fire on reinforced concrete and steel structures

Fire analysis in ABAQUS | Analysis of the effect of fire on reinforced concrete and steel structures

  • Simulation of fire and heat transfer such as radiation, displacement, etc.
  • Modeling of structural loads such as dead weight, etc.
  • Determination of parameters and calibration of structural materials such as concrete, sheet metal, rebar, beam, etc.
  • Modeling the failure behavior and heat transfer of materials such as the CDP model for concrete .
  • Solving and coupled Temprerature/ Displacement .
  • Determine the appropriate formulation for the element and its optimal number .
  • Input verification and results validation .
  • Study and interpretation of the results .
  • Investigation of the effect of fire on the mechanical properties of reinforced concrete .
  • Validation of results with fire simulation papers in steel structures .

In this project, the target values, as a result of

fire analysis ABAQUS simulation calculated and the audience were:

  • Stress and strain on the entire structure .
  • Location of cement degradation, its growth pattern and critical conditions of the structure .
  • Temperature monitoring in the structure and its effect on slab failure .
  • Determine a solution to reduce failure .

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