Abaqus finite element (FEA) software is best known for its capabilities in structural analysis, stress analysis, fatigue and failure, and material damage. Its subroutine and scripting environment is of interest to students and researchers.

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Micromechanics Plugin for Abaqus

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Johnson-Cook Plugin for Abaqus

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Save Multiple Animations Plugin for Abaqus

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Pelamis Fatigue Damage Calculator Plugin for Abaqus

$ 0.00

Autokeeler Plugin for Abaqus

$ 0.00

3D Hashin VUMAT Subroutine for Abaqus with Exponential Damage Evolution

$ 455.00

VUMAT Subroutine: Shear Anisotropic Modified GTN Damage Model

Original price was: $ 535.00.Current price is: $ 490.00.

3D Hashin USDFLD Subroutine Failure Criteria for Abaqus

Original price was: $ 124.00.Current price is: $ 119.00.

Abaqus Tutorial: LaRC05 Failure Criterion For Fiber-Reinforced Composites

Original price was: $ 110.00.Current price is: $ 99.00.

Calibrate Nitinol Material Behavior Abaqus Plugin

Machining Simulation with Abaqus

$ 280.00

Modeling Rubber and Viscoelasticity with Abaqus

$ 550.00