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Save Multiple Animations Plugin for Abaqus

$ 0.00
Save Multiple Animations plug-in allows to the Abaqus user to create a unique animation file by joining different .odb files. Sometimes, due to the simulation workflow is needed to do different models to simulate a unique process, i.e. metal forming process. The results are, therefore, in different .odb files, and with this plug-in, the user can put them together in a unique file. The plug-in takes the current display on the viewport and applies it to all .odbs selected.

Plastic Curve Generator Plugin for Abaqus

$ 163.05
The Plastic Curve Generator plugin helps the Abaqus user to create plastic curves easily. The input data can be either: engineering stress-strain curves, true total stress-strain curves, or true plastic strain-stress curves. it makes automatically all the conversions needed from the input data, giving the user the total true curve, plastic curve, and output curve, which is obtained according to the selected law.

Autokeeler Plugin for Abaqus

$ 0.00
The Autokeeler plugin allows to the user to create forming limit curves (FLC) based on Keeler-Goodwin laws or directly by defining the point list. The FLC is assigned to the material selected on FLD Damage. For FLCs based on Keeler-Goodwin, the material selected must have an elastoplastic definition.

Bending Pipe Plugin for Abaqus

$ 1,365.79
The Bending Pipe Plugin allows an Abaqus/CAE user to create and execute bending pipe analysis with little effort. Using a simple wizard approach, the plugin guides the user to define different bending methods. The methods included in the plugin are:
  • Classical Bending
  • Compression Bending
  • Roll Bending
  • Press Bending
  • Stretch Bending
  • One Step (currently this option only creates both meshes undeformed and deformed)

MatLib – Abaqus Material Library

$ 315.00
MatLib is an Abaqus material library. More than 1400 different materials, in 22 groups, from trusted references, allow the user to save simulation time and cost, avoid errors and increase simulation accuracy. This is what our goal has been for the last 8 years. Ease of use allows you to manage data and increase simulation productivity.