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3D modelling of Low-Velocity Impact FRP Laminate with LS-Dyna

$ 103.00
In this training package, we have tried to cover all the tips and tricks that are required by the user when modeling low-velocity impact on FRP composite laminates with LS-Dyna. Material models for composite & cohesive are available in the LS-Dyna and its parameters are described. Also, the modeling methods of geometry, FRP, cohesive, contacts &, etc. are explained one by one. Finally, in a comprehensive example, the LS-Dyna model is validated by Guo et al. (2013) paper. All the modeling & results files, as well as a tutorial training video, are included in this package.

laminar flow | Ansys Fluent tutorial | Non-dimensional

$ 26.00
In this training package, you will learn how to simulate a non-dimensional laminar flow inside a pipe, creating the model geometry, creating the mesh, defining boundary conditions, defining material properties, defining the solver criteria, and finally extracting the results.


  • Tutorial training video (*.mp4)
  • Fluent files (in ANSYS workbench)
  • Fluent lecture notes (*.pdf)
  • Free support up to 3 months