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USDFLD Subroutine: 3D Hashin failure criteria for Abaqus

$ 124.00
In this training package, you will learn how to use user-defined field variables or USDFLD subroutines in Abaqus to predict composite damage using 3D Hashin failure criteria. Also, a practical example shows you how to write the subroutine, how to configure the model in Abaqus/CAE, and how to visualize the results. Finally, the performance of the code is validated with the Chang & Lessard failure criterion which is available in Abaqus documentation.


  • Tutorial training video (*.mp4)
  • Abaqus files (*.cae, *.inp, *.jnl, *.odb)
  • USDFLD subroutine (*.for)
  • Abaqus lecture notes (*.pdf)
  • Free technical support (3 months)

VUMAT Subroutine: Shear modified Gurson–Tvergaard-Needleman (GTN) damage model

$ 275.00
In this product, The modified GTN model proposed by Gatea et al. was implemented in Abaqus software using VUMAT subroutines. In this model, in addition to the original GTN model, the effects of plastic anisotropy and shear have been added to increase the accuracy of solving this damage model.


  • User documentation (PDF)
  • Abaqus files (*.cae, *.inp, *.jnl, *.odb)
  • Fortran file (*.for)
  • GTN damage material data (*.xls)