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Perform Finite Element Analysis Using Abaqus

Perform Finite Element Analysis Using Abaqus

Perform Finite Element Analysis Using Abaqus

Perhaps the first choice of engineers for performing finite element analysis projects is Abaqus. Perform finite element analysis using Abaqus is very simple, and user-friendly, has a complete guide, many ready-made examples, and the possibility of writing Fortran subroutines and Python scripts in it. The materials and elements library is good and tries to add the latest numerical simulation technologies to the software in annual updates.

Abaqus Tutorials for Mechanical Engineering


Abaqus tutorials for mechanical engineering include tutorial video files of the modeling process, plus Abaqus files, Fortran subroutines, and Python scripts. In addition to all these, the projects have been verified and validated (V&V) and the results have been fully confirmed.


Years ago as a mechanical engineering student, when I started learning Abaqus, there were very few resources to learn it. The ones that were available were expensive and I inevitably had to spend a lot of time on trial and error and learning through the internet and the library. This was the beginning of the idea of creating a database of Abaqus tutorials for mechanical engineering students who had the same situation as me.
Another reason is that you must have seen how many repetitive Abaqus projects are done around the world. Isn’t it better for researchers and students to work on a new project?

Repetitive work, repetitive result.

In the words of Isaac Newton: Stand on the shoulders of giants

Now, if you are going to work on a Master’s or PhD project for several years, and after all the time you have spent, how will you feel that this work has already been done?!

So, the purpose of producing the Abaqus tutorials for mechanical engineering is to save the time of FEA engineers and mechanical engineering students in the implementation of Abaqus FEA projects. You can find some Abaqus FEA projects in the BanuMusa shop. Also, many projects have not yet been placed in the shop, and you can contact us to find out about their conditions.


BanuMusa R&D, as an ABAQUS simulation consulting company, has done various projects with this finite element software. These projects included research, academic, and industrial projects and had clients from different industries. Our access to valid simulation methods led to the production of Abaqus tutorials for mechanical engineering.

It should be noted that if you have a dream like ours and have completed a project with Abaqus, we will buy it from you at a fair price. Contact us for more information.

Abaqus Tutorial for Mechanical Engineering Projects in BanuMusa CAE shop


Prractical Tutorial of Abaqus

When you want to perform finite element analysis using Abaqus, it is very good to have a practical tutorial. The meaning of the practical tutorial of Abaqus is that it is a project that is completely reliable in terms of engineering and has industrial applications. Therefore, we have tried to increase the quality of these types of projects day by day. For this, modeling, analysis, and interpretation of the results are fully explained. Also, in order to ensure the accuracy of the results and modeling, all measures related to verification and validation are used according to the existing standards.

The categories of practical tutorials of Abaqus are:

  1. Abaqus tutorial for beginners
  2. Abaqus tutorials for mechanical engineering
  3. Abaqus tutorial for civil engineering
  4. Abaqus tutorial for geotechnical engineering
  5. Abaqus tutorial for shipbuilding engineering students
  6. Abaqus tutorial for aerospace engineering students
  7. Abaqus tutorial for petroleum engineering students

And all the engineering students who are doing the project with Abaqus.

How Much Does ABAQUS Cost?

If you want to perform finite element analysis using Abaqus, you should know its price.

You can buy Abaqus in three ways.

  1. Use the student version which is free. However, it has many limitations for use.
  2. The monthly rent starts at approximately 2 thousand dollars a month.
  3. Its purchase starts from 30 thousand dollars.


Abaqus Project Ideas to Perform Project with Abaqus

Engineering students are looking for ideas to determine the topic of their final project. These ideas are done by studying the latest papers published in various fields and researching the latest works in progress around the world. Sometimes the professors have their own topics and this makes the work of the students easier. Do you want to perform finite element analysis using Abaqus?

Here are some suggestions for Abaqus project ideas:

Interest – First find your interest in the particular subject of engineering. Imagine yourself in the next 5 or 10 years as a top engineer in that field. What do you want to be the best at?

Labor market status – After determining the interest, check its labor market status. Is there room for improvement? Or it is a topic that will be sidelined in a few years. Keep in mind recent developments and the introduction of artificial intelligence and other technologies.

Read Read Read – Read as many articles as you can. Find Research Gaps. Think for a while and see if you come up with an idea to improve that chat.

Field research – visit factories, companies, and Abaqus CAE consultants. Ask them about the latest innovations and developments in the industry.

Perhaps after all this one or more Abaqus project ideas will catch your eye. Now see what challenges you face to simulate it in Abaqus. Does it need a subroutine? What’s better… you must know a programming language like Fortran. So don’t be afraid.

Contact us – If you still haven’t found Abacus project ideas, contact our Abaqus CAE consultants to inform you about the latest simulation technologies, Abaqus project ideas, and industry developments.

Why you should get help from us to do industrial and academic projects

We are a start-up company founded in 2016, with the mission to enable every engineering company to realize its ideas into products by using model and simulation-based product development. This technology auto-enables the Industry 4.0 standard to the entity and assures the best product outcome.

Our team of passionate engineers, domain experts, and a long industry-experienced advisor panel will provide a pragmatic, innovative, and simplified solution to any challenging engineering predicaments.

We do understand how to make a critical difference to your product and processes, we shall be your trusted and cost-effective R&D partner towards your objectives.

We will contribute to up-bring SMEs in Engineering and manufacturing at par with international players with updated technologies and affordable cost.


We perform finite element analysis using Abaqus “more than 300 Abaqus projects” during this period.
The projects were delivered to customers in full and with a detailed report which performed finite element analysis using Abaqus.
Due to the low cooperation rate, we have done many projects. This group has 20 technical consultants in the specialized fields of “CAD-CAM-CAE“ who are also active in Abaqus FEA projects.


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