SolidWorks Training:

SolidWorks Software is a 3D design software for mechanical engineers that is easier to work with than other design software. The engineers of BSB company have extensive experience working with SolidWorks software that can provide companies and individuals with these techniques and experiences.


The headlines presented in this software are listed below:

  • Introducing SolidWorks Software
  • Designing and editing 2D models in the sketch module
  • Design 3D model with 3D sketch
  • Convert the 2D layout to 3D model
  • Editing 3D models
  • Create an assembly set
  • Types of constraints in the assembly module
  • Providing 2D maps
  • Creation of steel structures and reporting in weldment module
  • Working with sheet metal module
  • Creating surfaces and working in the surface module
  • Equation writing and creating floating schemes in the equation section
  • Working with configuration and design tables
  • Making Animation in the Motion Study module
  • Create graphical outputs in the render module
  • Introduction to Macro Writing
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