Engineering design services by BanuMusa R&D include many things and in almost all aspects, our experts have experience working with industries. Some of them are as follows.


BanuMusa R&D specializes in “design-by-analysis” pressure vessel work following ASME Section VIII, Div. 2 (BPVC) and Nuclear Quality Assurance (NQA-1) Certification codes.

Design-by-Analysis is a process used in many industries to design industrial equipment. Nearly 100 years ago, ASME issued the Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code (BPVC) design guidelines to enhance industrial safety. Today, ASME VIII is the most widely used pressure vessel design guideline. It has 3 sections, each with It is related to specific applications and methods.

Specification Booklet

Large industries have many types of equipment that may have many consumable parts in each. Some of these parts are available in the market but others are supplied through the manufacturing process. With the technical specifications booklet of the part, it is no longer necessary to have a part, as all the information needed to make and apply it is explained in the part specifications booklet. The technical specifications booklet of a part is defined as a reference document for each part of the construction.


Re-design & Physical Test

The redesign means re-starting the design process and making changes to improve one or more design goals. In this process, the designer begins to redesign and optimize the product to improve the quality of the product and equipment. Discovering defects in the product, and applying ideas to improve market needs are important reasons for redesigning the product and equipment. The engineers of BanuMusa R&D are ready to upgrade and improve various mechanical equipment with the support of analysis and using multi-objective optimizations.


Engineering Design of Composite structures

Due to the familiarity of the country’s industry with the benefits of composite materials, the use of these materials instead of metal materials is expanding. The main industries using composite materials are aerospace, automotive, and marine industries. Because the weight and strength of the structure and the strength of the material in special conditions are important for design engineers and manufacturers. The experts and engineers of BanuMusa R&D have high experience in designing, analyzing faults and damages, and manufacturing composite parts and equipment. In this regard, many projects have been done by our partners. The BanuMusa R&D composite team is one of the leading consultants in this field.


Molding Design & Analysis

What mold and machinery workshops often do not usually consider is the principled execution of an engineering process. Below, the main steps of mold design and analysis as well as modeling of the molding process are explained. Note that the difference between a good mold and a bad mold can be in the execution or non-execution of any of the following steps…



Engineering Design of Amusement Industry

The standard of all play equipment According to the standard, it is subject to mandatory standard regulations, and the activity of all recreational equipment, including amusement equipment, playgrounds, wind structures, water structures, etc. without the approval of the standard organization is prohibited. It is also necessary to carry out various stages of engineering design, construction, installation, and operation of the equipment under the supervision and approval of inspectors of the Standard Organization.


Elevator Mechanical Engineering Design

There are few people who can ride an elevator without a damper and start their day without fear of confined space and annoying thoughts. We all like not to feel that way when we take the elevator. Although we know that the design engineer and manufacturer have designed and built the elevator in the safest condition, in our case, it has no effect, and with an unpleasant feeling, we are waiting for the display numbers to run out and reach the destination…


Pipeline Engineering Design

Pipeline engineering design services include a wide range, which you can read more about.