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material data for simulation

What is Abaqus material library plugin (MatLib)?

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material data for simulation:

Abaqus material library plugin is a comprehensive library of engineering materials that provide the necessary parameters when simulating and analyzing with Abaqus finite element software for engineers, researchers, and engineering students. We have prepared the Abacus Library plugin for you to access 1,200 widely used materials.

Audience and users in Abaqus material library (material data for simulation)

In the last few years, when we have been involved in the implementation of simulation projects using Abaqus software, there has been a need for a comprehensive and authoritative library of materials.

Unfortunately, the Abaqus Material Library software is not intended for materials and engineering. Therefore, the company’s engineers made it easy for themselves by collecting information on various materials that are needed while simulating engineering issues.

This plugin has been used in various industrial and research projects and has parameters of various engineering materials (such as metal, composite, ceramic, concrete, etc.) with different behaviors (such as elastic, plastic, damage, etc.) and each user can use it in its research.

This will reduce the time required to determine the parameters of the material, its calibration, ensuring its accuracy and the like, and the time required to perform the simulation will be greatly reduced.

Material information used in this plugin (Abaqus Material Library) has been collected from reputable sources to be used in various industrial and research applications.

  • Experts and engineers active in the field of CAD / CAM / CAE
  • Engineers active in the design offices of companies and factories
  • Research and Development (R&D) engineers of companies and factories
  • Undergraduate and graduate students in engineering disciplines such as mechanics, civil engineering, the sea, metallurgy, aerospace, textiles, chemistry, etc.
  • Innovators and inventors
  • Marine industries, automotive, machinery, parts manufacturing, agriculture, aerospace, inspection, energy and power plants, medicine and pharmacy, rail and railways, oil, gas and petrochemicals, packaging, electronics, nuclear, mining, roads and buildings, Home appliances, sports, and tire manufacturing.
  • Abaqus Limited Users Software Users

Lightning equipment (material data for simulation)

One of the main strategies to reduce the weight of structures and equipment is to use higher strength or rigidity materials.
For example, the use of composite materials preferably metal in the design and manufacture of engineering equipment is an option that has been used in various industries in recent years.

But this is not easy to do. Because an optimal material can vary in different loading conditions, the designer’s free hand during design and other features such as cost, durability, production method, or environmental issues.

As a result, many equipment lightning projects have failed.

The best idea that has been considered so far and many companies use it, is to use software that offers the best material according to the application of the equipment.

In such software, all parameters are considered together.

That is why in the last few years we have developed a plug-in for use in the Abaqus Material Library, which of course can be used in similar software such as Ansys, to meet our needs in such matters.

Now, after going through various validations, this plugin is ready for commercial use and companies can use it in different formats. For more information, please contact us.


For more information and to get acquainted with our plans, contact the support unit. (Contact +98-51-35424520)



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material data for simulation