Introducing of BanuMusa Brothers

The three brothers and indeed three of the great Iranian scientists, known as BanuMusa, are the children of Musa bin Shaker Khorasani, who had many innovations.

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Our Mission

Bonyan Sanat BanuMusa is the first Iranian research company that regards its mission as an effective communication between industry and knowledge in the World.

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Bonyan Sanat BanuMusa Co.

The primary core of the BanuMusa research group began in 2012 by performing numerical simulation and analysis projects in various industries. After five years from the start of the operation and carrying out various industrial projects, the BanuMusa research group became the Bonyan Sanat BanuMusa Company, expanding its field of work on software and hardware research. The company is currently one of the research companies to carry out various projects in different industries with the large companies and industrial enterprises in the Middle East.

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