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Concrete Modelling in Abaqus

$ 385.00
In this training package, we have tried to cover all the tips and tricks that are required by the user when modeling concrete structures. Material models available in the Abaqus and its parameters are described. Also, the modeling methods of rebars and reinforcements are expressed one by one and the strengths and weaknesses of each are examined. Finally, in 3 comprehensive examples in the field of explosion, fire, and connections, these cases are used in practice.

VUMAT JHB and JH-2 ceramic model | Johnson, Holmquist

$ 99.00
In this training package, you will learn how to use Built-in VUMAT subroutines in Abaqus to predict brittle materials (e.g. ceramic materials) damage using Johnson, Holmquist, and Beissel (JHB) and Johnson-Holmquist (JH-2) ceramic model. Also, 5 practical workshops show you how to define and use the subroutine, how to configure the model in Abaqus/CAE, and how to visualize the results.