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USDFLD Subroutine: 3D Hashin failure criteria for Abaqus

$ 124.00
USDFLD Subroutine 3D Hashin: In this training package, you will learn how to use user-defined field variables or USDFLD subroutines in Abaqus to predict composite damage using 3D Hashin failure criteria. Also, a practical example shows you how to write the subroutine, how to configure the model in Abaqus/CAE, and how to visualize the results. Finally, the performance of the code is validated with the Chang & Lessard failure criterion which is available in Abaqus documentation.


  • Tutorial training video (*.mp4)
  • Abaqus files (*.cae, *.inp, *.jnl, *.odb)
  • USDFLD subroutine (*.for)
  • Abaqus lecture notes (*.pdf)
  • Free technical support (3 months)