Collection of project-oriented engineering software training packages






Tutorial simulation of heat transfer coupling in disc and brake pads
Specialized training in meshing techniques of Abaqus software
Complete training of modeling adhesive joints in Abacus software






Comprehensive Fortran training for Abaqus programming
Learn the link of Abaqus and Fortran software from version 6.12 to 2019
Training zero to one hundred V / UMAT
Complete V / USDFLD subroutine training in Abaqus
Corrosion simulation training using VUSDFLD subroutine in Abaqus
Cycling fatigue simulation training using UMAT sub-program in Abaqus
Fuzzy transformation simulation training using UMAT subroutine
Welding modeling and analysis training in Abaqus software with DLOAD subroutine


Deep Drawing Training in Abaqus
Spinning Forming training in Abaqus
Hydroforming training in Abaqus
Hot Rolling Multi-Step Simulation Tutorial in Abaqus
Chip Forming training in Abacus


Fatigue analysis training of composite materials using Abaqus and Helius plug

(Helius PFA)

Learning to design composite pressure vessels using WCM plug in

Abaqus + WCM plug

Micromechanic plugin tutorial for modeling multi-scale in

Abaqus + Micromechanical plugin

Welding modeling and analysis training in Abaqus software

with Weld Modeler plugin

Learn how to use the Abaqus Comprehensive

Materials Library plugin





Teaching a variety of concrete simulation methods in Abaqus
Tips on Dynamic History Analysis for Earthquake Modeling in Abaqus




Marine Science

Underwater explosion simulation training (UNDEX) in Abacus software





Corrosion modeling training using super points in Abaqus
Zero to one hundred training of composite materials simulation in Abaqus
Level 3 Service Performance Evaluation Training (FFS) according to API579 standard in Abacus software
Hyperelastic material simulation training in Abacus
Complete training to simulate damage and breakdown in Abacus
Complete Euler-Lagrange Coupling (CEL) training in Abacus





Modeling and Predicting Damage in Fabric Composite Material in Abaqus Software
Modeling and fault prediction in ceramic and brittle materials with Johnson-Holmquist (JH-2) criterion in Abaqus software
Learning to predict failure in composite materials with Lark 05 (LaRC05) criterion in Abaqus
A complete guide to stent modeling in Abaqus
Guide to Modeling and Analysis by Smooth Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH) in Abaqus


Tips on Using Virtual Topology Tools to Improve Geometry in Abaqus




LS Dyna

Zero to one hundred training for modeling composite materials and their damage in LS Dyna
Impact simulation training at low and high speed in LS Dyna software
Underwater Explosion Simulation (UNDEX) training in LS Dyna with 3 different methods
Underwater explosion simulation training (UNDEX) with Load_SSA method in LS Dyna software





Training to prepare a Stability Book with Maxsurf software
Floating modeling training in Maxsurf software space





Plastic injection mold analysis training with MoldFlow software



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