LaRC05 failure criterion


LaRC05 failure criterion

LaRC05 failure criterion

LaRC05: In this criterion, the nonlinear shear response is considered. The proposed measure has four modes of failure: Cracks matrix, fiber failure, fiber splitting, and is Kinking. In LS-Dyna software from version R7.0, this criterion can also be used as * MAT_261 and * MAT_262. NASA has supported the development of this project.

This criterion is almost the latest failure criterion that has been developed in the composite industry, and due to its characteristics, it has received more attention from design engineers than Puck, Hashin, Tsai-Wu, etc.

In this educational video, first, an introduction to failure criteria is given. Then, the formulation and theory of failure criterion are explained and the methods of using it in Abaqus and LS Dyna software are examined.

Finally, two practical examples and 19 useful files on the use of this criterion in numerical modeling are presented.



The topics covered in this tutorial (LaRC05)

  • Types of failure criteria in composite materials
  • Introduction of LaRC05 failure criterion
  • Mathematical equations and standard theory
  • Check failure modes
  • applications
  • Review and comparison of * MAT_261, * MAT-262 models in LS Dyna and the model used in Abaqus software
  • Comparison of Hashin criterion and LaRC05 criterion in Abaqus software
  • Check inputs and outputs
  • How to set up and use the model
  • Application of LaRC05 failure criterion in XFEM method
  • Example 1: Damage prediction in the tensile test of a perforated composite sheet
  • Example 2: Predicting crack growth in the tensile test of a perforated composite sheet by XFEM method



  • Educational video
  • matrix crack
  • PDF file Description provided in the video
  • A step-by-step written guide to using the criteria in the software
  • 19 inp file ready to use in ABAQUS software