Software debugging

Why provide a service?Software debugging

Commercial engineering software companies, such as Abacus Software, provide technical support services to students and industrial users so that if the user encounters a problem while modeling, in the shortest possible time, software consultants for To help users solve this problem. Due to the great demand that has been made in the last few years, a service called “Software debugging” has been provided for users who are facing software problems. Hopefully, we can fill this gap as much as possible.


Purpose of the service:

Filling the vacancies of engineering software companies in the field of software support.

How to request and register an order:

Students, users active in the industry, and other loved ones can use our advisors in that field in the application section by selecting the “Software debugging” option.

Cost :

Certainly, the costs for this service are much lower than the costs of the manufacturing companies, however, the cost estimate will be notified to the applicant after reviewing by the consultants.

Student discount:

Students can use the student discount by sending a photo of the student card.

Services :

1- Fixing problems related to modeling

Many of the problems that users encounter with engineering software are due to the problem modeling process.

2- Debugging computational programs

Computational programs such as subroutines, UDFs, various computational programs in the field of solids and fluids

3- Modeling materials

It is always one of the problems in defining the specifications of engineering materials in software.

To register a request from the following page in the request section, select the software debugging option and in the description section, describe the problem in full and send the related files with it.

Support for Abaqus, LS Dina, and MoldFlow software is now accepted.