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Why you should get help from us to do industrial and academic projects:

perform project with Abaqus

We are a start-up company founded in 2016, with the mission to enable every engineering company to realize its ideas into products by using model and simulation-based product development. This technology auto enables the Industry 4.0 standard to the entity and assures the best product outcome.

Our team of passionate engineers, domain experts, and long industry-experienced advisor panel will provide a pragmatic, innovative, and simplified solution to any challenging engineering predicaments.

We do understand how to make a critical difference to your product and processes, we shall be your trusted and cost-effective R&D partner towards your objectives.

We will contribute to up-bring SMEs in Engineering & Manufacturing at par with international players with updated technologies and their affordable cost.



We have completed “more than 300 design, simulation, reverse engineering, and manufacturing projects” during this period.
The projects were delivered to customers in full and with a detailed report in perform project with Abaqus
Due to the low cooperation rate, we have done many projects
This group has 20 technical consultants in the specialized fields of “CAD-CAM-CAE who are also active in projects

Graphic description of projects done on YouTube

How much Does ABAQUS Cost?

Certainly, the prices will not be comparable. You will be surprised.
But for accurate pricing depends on the parameters of the project.
Be with the Connect technical expert.
We are with you for perform project with Abaqus

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