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Manual strength estimation, before Abaqus software

Manual strength estimation, before Abaqus software

manual strength estimation

Manual strength estimation? I really did not understand this before this post.
Around 1970, NASA performed its calculations manually.
Without any computer !!
Without any simulation software like ABAQUS, ANSYS, LS-DYNA, etc !!!
Was it possible?
It was possible at all, but on what basis did the astronauts trust these calculations?
It was really funny and scary.
Until I became more familiar with manually estimating strength at NASA

NASA Technical Memorandum: Manual strength estimation

Manual stability estimation before Abaqus

I imagined myself as a NASA astronaut 40 years ago.
To be honest: As an engineering designer and simulator, I could not imagine what happened to him when the spacecraft started. for some reasons :

  • My current information in the simulation prevents trust.
  • I always said without a computer? my God . Without Abacus
  • I do not dare to become an astronaut
    Until, NASA published a very, very, very amazing document in 3 volumes that was a set of methods for calculating the validity of the aerospace industry.
    I eagerly went for it.

Features of NASA Technical Memorandum in Manual Strength Estimation


It was very interesting that:

  • A set of valid methods has been used in the aerospace industry.
  • These methods are such that acceptable results can be achieved manually.
  • Contrary to my expectations, these methods had a high and acceptable accuracy. I was almost convinced that in the 70’s I could trust their papers.
  • The more interesting point was the breadth of evaluation for different structures that surprised me.
    (Sized, overview – sized, accurate)
  • This is a desktop reference of calculation methods and their development history that you can use in any industry and position.

Importance of NASA Technical Memorandum in Manual Strength Estimation for R&D Offices

Importance of NASA Technical Memorandum in Manual Strength Estimation for RD Offices

Engineers of design, R&D offices, professors, and researchers !!!!
Keep these documents in your archive. Rest assured you will need it soon.
This document has many uses:

  • Initial estimation
  • Validation of simulation and computation results without computer
    It is one of the most important.

The content of the document is a manual strength estimate

NASA Technical Memorandum 2

The content of the document is as follows:
Section A: General introduction to the use of methods
Section B: Methods for calculating strength;
Section C: Stability of the structure;
Section D: thermal stresses;
Section E: Mechanics of Fatigue and Fracture;
Section F: Composites;
Section G: Rotary Machines;
Section H: Statistics.

Document content

 These references are the best available references for the fast calculation of structural strength and stability.
Do not hesitate to download and use it.
Volume 1
Volume 2
Volume 3


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